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Delphi6:PLZ HELP!

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I just installed Delphi6 Update pack 2 and I still get invalid variant

operation when dropping chartfx component on the form( I was getting

the error with Update pack 1 too). Here is what I did:

1. Install Delphi6 on a clean machine. Chose NOT to install sample activex

controls so that there is no old version of chartfx installed.

2. Install Delphi6 Update pack 2.

3. Install ChartFX

4. Import activex control into a new package

5. Create new app, drop chartfx control on the form - 'Invalid variant


I did try to replace the ChartfxLib_TLB.pas with the one from the softwarefx

support web site, but it did not make any difference.

The about box says I have CharFX 98, ActiveX control 4.0 version

I do not know what to try at this point. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Mikhail Khilkov

Senior Software Engineer

North Coast Logic Inc.


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