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Problems for importing CFX4032.DLL and CFXFE.DLL (VC++ without MFC)

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I have been using the Chart FX 98 for making some samples (VC++ without


Now I am trying to add the financial extension to these samples, but when I

have tried to compile these ones the compiler generates a lot of compilation

errors like this:

m:\visual trader\visual trader snaps\iberia charts\support\iberia charts

gallery\program\debug\cfx4fe.tlh(43) : error C2371: 'CfxLineStyle' :

redefinition; different basic types m:\visual trader\visual trader

snaps\iberia charts\support\iberia charts

gallery\program\debug\cfx4032.tlh(1678) : see declaration of 'CfxLineStyle'

Into the stdafx.cpp and sdafx files I have added the following lines:

// Stdafx.cpp

#import "sfxbar.dll" no_namespace implementation_only

#import "Cfx4032.dll" no_namespace implementation_only

#import "Cfx4FE.dll" no_namespace implementation_only

// Stdafx.h

#import "sfxbar.dll" no_namespace no_implementation

#import "Cfx4032.dll" no_namespace no_implementation

#import "Cfx4FE.dll" no_namespace no_implementation

How I can fix this compilation problem?.

Thanks in advance.

Jose Pena.

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