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IE child window hangs w/ChartFX graphs

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I am using ChartFX IE 2000 in an NT 4.0 environment. The problem I am

having is on a browser popup window which contains about 6-8 ChartFX

interactive graphs. The graphs contain a lot of data so they can take

some time to load. If a user becomes impatient and tries to close the

popup window before all of the graphs have loaded to completion, the

parent window (main browser) hangs indefinitely and has to be

completely closed. I am able to reproduce this situation with IE 5.0

browsers but not with Netscape. Any ideas on why this is happening

and how I can work around the problem?

I am curious about how the ActiveX control communicates back to the

webserver to retrieve the licensing file & the .chw file.

What happens when the browser sends a "kill" signal to the ActiveX

process when it is in the middle of retrieving data? Will it die

cleanly or will it take down the browser? Unfortunately, because

Netscape uses the Plug-in as opposed to the same ActiveX object, I

don't know if the problem lies in the ActiveX control or IE, itself.

Thank you,


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