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Paint Method for printing to a location

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I am printing the chart to a region on the printer. This region is a

rectangle bound by Left (l), Right ®, Top (t), and Bottom (B). The hdc is

my Printer (or Print Preview) device context.

m_Chart.Paint hdc, l, t, r, b, CPAINT_PRINT, 0

The problem I have is when I zoom in on a region in the chart. When I then

make a printout, the chart printed it cut off, usually a full MajorStep

worth in both X and Y. Now this depends on the size of the window on the

screen! The larger the screen window, the better it looks...the smaller,

the worse. It is as if the Paint method is using some screen size

information when it should be using the printer size information. This is

also noticeable in the standard Print Preview made available by ChartFX.

Can someone please help me to resolve this issue! I am using the 5.003



Abe Krebs

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