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My application is a web-based application that uses an ActiveX control.  I'm

using the Chart FX Internet 5.5 within my ActiveX control. However, I'm

unsure how I need to do the proper licensing because all of the samples are

just web pages using just the chart object and one it's param is the licence

file. for example:

<OBJECT CLASSID="CLSID:21F49842-BFA9-11d2-A89C-00104B62BDDA"


WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="350" ID="Chart1"



<PARAM NAME="LICENSE" VALUE="/LexmarkDemo/license/CfxIE.lic">

<PARAM NAME="InlineData" VALUE="Series">

<PARAM NAME="S0" VALUE="Sales,10,20,30,15">

<PARAM NAME="S1" VALUE="Projected,45,8,12,18">


but I'm using my own control that has the chart control within it (among

other things). What do I need to do in this case?



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