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Re: Question about user moving vert. lines in a series on a graph

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I posted this on 7/9/01, some how it got deleted. So I figured I would try


Butch Goodwin

"Butch Goodwin" <goodwin_butch@emc.com> wrote in message news:...

> Dear Chart FX


> We have created a program that displays data on a graph useing Chart FX.


> put the data into two series, the first series is with the use of dots,


> the second series with vert. lines. The first series can have as many of


> little dots as there is data for, but the second series will always have

> four red vert. lines. When the graph is displayed to the user the vert.

> lines in series two are used to make the data point into two sections, a

> high and a low. So the data between lines one and two are the high and


> points between lines three and four are the low. So the user clicks on and

> moves these lines to place them where they want to include the data for


> section. With this in mind the question is this. The vert. lines in the

> series are slim, but the area to click on them is very large. This large

> area makes it hard to move one line that might be next to another, because

> the large clickable areas overlap and the user is forced to move one line

> way out of the way to select the other line, then move the first moved


> back. I have included a sample of the chart, it is in Power Point. So I am

> looking for a way to size down this selectable area, or perhaps you have a

> betterway to do it all to together.


> Butch Goodwin

> goodwin_butch@emc.com




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