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Question about user moving vert. lines in a series on a graph

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Dear Chart FX

We have created a program that displays data on a graph useing Chart FX. We

put the data into two series, the first series is with the use of dots, and

the second series with vert. lines. The first series can have as many of as

little dots as there is data for, but the second series will always have

four red vert. lines. When the graph is displayed to the user the vert.

lines in series two are used to make the data point into two sections, a

high and a low. So the data between lines one and two are the high and data

points between lines three and four are the low. So the user clicks on and

moves these lines to place them where they want to include the data for each

section. With this in mind the question is this. The vert. lines in the

series are slim, but the area to click on them is very large. This large

area makes it hard to move one line that might be next to another, because

the large clickable areas overlap and the user is forced to move one line

way out of the way to select the other line, then move the first moved line

back. I have included a sample of the chart, it is in Power Point. So I am

looking for a way to size down this selectable area, or perhaps you have a

betterway to do it all to together.

Butch Goodwin


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