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Run Time Error

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I just got my trial of ChartFX and am looking to use it in VC++ without MFC.

I dutifully followed the directions about doing this on the knowledge base

and in help. However when i run the program i get a run time error.

I basically just set up a window and then do this:


m_pChartFX->CreateWnd((long)hChart ,IDC_CHART1,0,0,500,500,WS_CHILD |


m_hwndChartFX = (HWND) m_pChartFX->hWnd;

just as the help says. I do the CoInitialize stuff as well. The Error

occurs on the CreateWnd line. The only place i could be going wrong i guess

is the IDC_CHART1. What is this? I first tried it just as a random number

and then made a custom control in a dialog box called IDC_CHART1. Both

produced the runtime error. Suggestions on how to fix this are appreciated


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