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1) How do I adjust the height and width of "Plot Area" that sit inside the

"Chart Area" ?

2) How do i highlight selected series ? is there any method/event to detect

which series is selected when user click the mouse ?

3) How do I share one Chart Fx toolbar between two Chart that sit on the

same Vb form ? e.g ChartA has ToolbarA and ChartB has ToolbarB by

setting the "ToolBar" property to True for each OCX instances. I want

to use ToolbarA to control the display, printing, preview, export, painting

and etc of

ChartA or ChartB together. How should I do it ?

4) How do I export out these two Charts (Chart Area for ChartA and ChartB)

together to one bitmap file ? I want this bitmap file contain these two

Chart without the ToolBarA or ToolBarB ?

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