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Re: Synchronizing Horizontal scrolling between two char

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The problem is that the sample project Scroll.vbp has only the horizontal

scrollbar showed (automaic scaling is active).

I have two charts with horizonal and vertical scrollbars, and I need to

syncronize only the horizontal ones.

The event _userScroll doesn't dostinguish between axis.



"Chris Mancini" <chrismancini@iname.com> ha scritto nel messaggio


> Take a look at the Samples directory including with the Control. There is


> Scroll project. This should help you.



> "news.tin.it" <x@x.x> wrote in message

> news:0ZKZfQn8AHA.1856@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> > Hi,

> > I need to synchronize only the horizontal scroll between two charts

> plotted

> > by using Chart FX98.

> > Any suggestions?

> >

> > Thank's in advance

> >

> > Sergio Sestili

> >

> >

> >



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