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Real time graph with live text data file as the source ?

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We have ChartFX and want to chart multiple realtime line graphs from a text

file which is created live from a COM port feed from our Print Presses.

I would greatly appreciate ANY help you could give.

Here's my story below....

would you have a sample of a VB app reading a live text file and creating a

realtime graph from it ?

please say yes.

The REALTIME graph examples in the Samples folder are very nice... but they

only deal with data generated from Random number formula.

My example below must generate a realtime graph based on a text file.

This text file has a record appended (to the bottom of it) every 2 seconds.


Here is our challenge.

We are taking live data off a printing press, with a data record generated

every 2 seconds by a COM port feed...

the comma-separated record is appended to the end of the file (PRESS.TXT)

every 2 seconds.

The data, as it is sent, is not entirely clean and must be parsed of useless

information before being written to a permanent file.

We would also want to prefix the record line with the date/time of the

record creation.

This record from the press tells us the 'Speed' of the various presses at

that instant ...this speed

may flucuate frequently over a one-minute span, thus the reading every 2


We want to display that data, as it varies, to the Press Operator in several


One of these interfaces we would like to have is a line graph similar to the

NT Task Manager's Performance graphs (Ctrl-Alt-Del, Performance tab) ...

which is a real-time sliding line graph.

The right of the line graph would register the most current

data as it occurred.

Reading of the next record, 2 seconds later, would push the previous record

along the graph by one increment.

The graph would show the most recent 30-60 readings at any given point in


For example....

* we have 2 presses (actually 18, but to make it a simple example...we have


* we currently capture press speeds into a TEXT FILE which is similar to the


6:00:00am,300,420 ' (time, press1 speed, press2 speed)




* Ideally..... the Operator would see two line graphs (or in reality, up to

9 line graphs), which

would show the flucuations of print speed at these presses.

* Ideally also... we could plot the Standard Deviation of these lines


* So..the data must be transmitted from the presses, cleaned up with a


displayed on the ChartFX control realtime line graph simultaneously ...

and finally,

written to a permanent archive record.

* ideally we would also want to take a 'snapshot' at any point in time to

view/print a segment of


* does ANYONE out there have sample code of using the realtime ChartFX

controls with live data ?

* can we display this cleaned up data in 'as close to realtime' as


thanks for any support...


To expedite your request please include the following information:

Product version and build (from the about box)

Development Tool you are using (VB, VC, ASP, etc.) and version VB5.0

..and Access97

Snippet of code that reproduces the problem (if possible) N/A

If you can not produce a snippet of code that reproduces the problem,

save a ChartFX+file+(.CHD) and include it. We should be able to duplicate

the problem using the same data your application generates.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If the problem is visual and

difficult to explain please include a screen-shot showing the problem

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