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I've had the same problem. Haven't found anything on how to wrap the text,

although you can do this if manually you edit the title by pressing "ctrl"

and "enter" at the same time. (I ran it through the Designer to see what

code was generated, and there was none. Just the title text.)

You could set up something in your program that determines the length of

your title and adjusts the font accordingly, though.

"Mark Pope" <MPope@datamonitor.com> wrote in message


> Hi


> I have an application that uses the ChartFX DLL to automatically generate

> graphs which then are saved as an image. It works fine except for when the

> title length is two long to fit across the image, and the start & end

> truncate or the axis legends are descriptive, some are excluded or when


> levels the bottom vanish off the bottom and the axis title vanishes.


> Any suggestions on auto word wrapping etc.


> Thanks


> Mark



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