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Hi I am using ChartFX Client Server Version with VB. I have a

question regarding the X axis using a Curve Graph.


Point 1: (5, 29)

Point 2: (20, 419)

Point 3: (35, 705)

Point 4: (55, 504)

Point 5: (75, 22)

First Question:

How can I show Only the above mentioned X values. As you can see the step

value between the X points is not consistent.

Second Question:

How can I limit the Moving of the Point only to the Y axis? Since I am

adding X values to the Graph using:

.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, nSeriesIndex + 1, objPoints.Count

.OpenDataEx COD_XVALUES, nSeriesIndex + 1, objPoints.Count

nIndex = 0

For Each objPoint In objPoints

.Series(nSeriesIndex).Yvalue(nIndex) = objPoint.y

.Series(nSeriesIndex).Xvalue(nIndex) = objPoint.x

nIndex = nIndex + 1

Next objPoint



When the user selects a point to move, the graph allows the point to move on

either axis. I would like to prevent the point from moving along the X


Is the only way to do this is handle the LButtonDown Event and then handle

the MouseMoving Event not allowing the mouse to travel on the X axis?

Thanks in Advance

Chris Mancini

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