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Re: SetPattern Error

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Did you read the blurb in the help file?  Are you printing to a B&W printer?


Color or B&W printing?

By default, Chart FX will detect if the default printer is a color printer. If it is the chart will print in color, if not; Chart FX will print the chart in B&W hatched patterns. The property that controls this behavior is ForceColors.

The default setting of this property is FALSE. This means, Chart FX will automatically print hatched B&W patterns when the printer does not support colors, this will improve the chart's readibility when printed.

This behavior is particularly useful, as you don't need to preset specific patterns to the series if the target printer is a B&W printer. Chart FX will automatically print in colors if the target printer is a color printer.

When this property is set to TRUE and the target printer is a B&W printer, the printer driver will match the chart colors to a specific grayscale pattern (not hatched). In some cases, the results are not desirable and will make the chart print out impossible to read.

Vanguard666 <blah@blah.com> wrote in message news:yC#bTzK1AHA.2592@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Anyone know how to get around an error when printing which results in the

> following?


> ERROR: typecheck





> 0

> 0

> 0


> We are using chartfx 4.0 (Client/Server)



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