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Re: No Data Available Error

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I tried it using Access 2k, did not experience your problem, please post your code, here's mine:

CfxData.ResultSet = rs 'set the dataprovider with the ADO recordset

With objChart

'Set the DataType Property

.DataType(0) = CDT_LABEL

.DataType(1) = CDT_VALUE

.DataType(2) = CDT_VALUE

.DataType(3) = CDT_VALUE

'Pass the dataprovider to Chart FX

.GetExternalData CfxData

End With


William Leung <wleung@exisconsulting.com> wrote in message news:c9RoNV0zAHA.2592@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi,


> I'm using VB6 and chartFX with service pack 21. I'm retreiving data into an

> ADODB.recordset object and then passing the data to chartFx using the

> GetExternalData method. The first time the method is called, the chart is

> displayed without any problems. However, I want to be able to pass in a

> different recordset to the control to be charted. When I call the

> GetExternalDataMethod the second time, my chart is cleared and I get the

> "No Data Available" message. Can anyone shed some light on this?


> William Leung




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