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Re: Word wrapping x axis labels

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In C, this used to work: "5.2%\n$1,200"

In VB, it would be one of the following two:

"5.2%" + chr(13) + (chr(10) + "$1,200"

"5.2%" + (chr(10) + "$1,200"

However, when I tried this with the latest chartfx and VB, I couldn't get it

to work. I sure hope it's not broke.

The \n thing worked in C in a program I wrote last year. I'll have to see

if it's broke with the newest version of chartfx.

"Paul Nailand" <nailand@bigpond.com> wrote in message


> Hi


> I need to word wrap my x axis labels for a particlar chart, eg each label

> consists of 5.2% and $ 1,200 say. How do I get the $1,200 below the 5.2%?


> thanks

> Paul



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