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Re: Percentages on BarCharts

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This code may lead you to a solution. It uses the Annotation object to change the point marker.

This code uses the 'random' data in the ChartFx object which is why you don't see me loading any data.


(sample from Access 2k)

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim objChart As ChartfxLib.ChartFX

Dim AnnotX As AnnotationX

Dim objL As AnnotateX.AnnText

Dim i As Integer

Dim j As Integer

Dim nMarkerPosition As Long

Dim x As Integer, y As Integer

Dim dblSeries As Double

'set referenct to chart object on form

Set objChart = Me.ChartFX1.Object

'create new annotation object

Set AnnotX = New AnnotationX

'turn off toolbar

AnnotX.Toolbar = False

'add AnnotX to Chart1

objChart.AddExtension AnnotX

objChart.Gallery = BAR

objChart.Chart3D = False

objChart.RGB2DBk = vbWhite

objChart.PointLabels = False

objChart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Max = objChart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Max * 1.2

For i = 0 To (objChart.nSeries - 1)

dblSeries = 0 'total values from current series

For j = 0 To (objChart.NValues - 1)

dblSeries = dblSeries + objChart.ValueEx(i, j)


For j = 0 To (objChart.NValues - 1)

'create a new text object

Set objL = AnnotX.Add(OBJECT_TYPE_TEXT)

'figure where the chart is drawing the point marker

nMarkerPosition = objChart.PaintInfo(CPI_MARKERTOPIXEL, CHART_ML(i, j))

x = CHART_LOWORD(nMarkerPosition)

y = CHART_HIWORD(nMarkerPosition)

'set text of new text marker

objL.Text = Format(objChart.ValueEx(i, j) / dblSeries, "##.#0%") 'Here we go!

objL.Font.Size = 7

'give it an initial size

objL.Width = 5

objL.Height = 5


'locate the upper left position

objL.Left = x - objL.Width / 2

objL.Top = y - objL.Height

'mess up the point colors

'objL.Color = RGB(Int((255 * Rnd) + 1), Int((255 * Rnd) + 1), Int((255 * Rnd) + 1))


'objL.BorderStyle = LS_NONE

objL.AllowMove = False

objL.AllowModify = False

objL.Refresh False

Next j

Next i

objChart.Export CHART_BITMAP, "c:\temp\BarPct.bmp"

Set objChart = Nothing

Set objL = Nothing

Set AnnotX = Nothing

End Sub

Johannes Appelo <jappelo@intekom.co.za> wrote in message news:gmmQH0XpAHA.2592@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi,


> Is there a method whereby one can convert all values in all series to

> percentages of series total? I know this works for Pie charts, but I cannot

> identify anything to make this work for Bar Charts. This would be useful for

> benchmarking.


> Thanks

> Johannes Appelo



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