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Re: Labels resizing on displaying new graph

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Johannes Appelo wrote in message




>I have a graphing application where I prompt for various selection criteria

>and then display an according graph, using a VB form. I then have the


>of selecting new option, which should display a new graph refreshing the

>previous one. I have rotated the labels on the x-axis through 90 degrees in

>order to fit long labels. The following problem occurs: if the labels on


>x-axis are quite long for a given set, the actual graph display area is

>reduced in order to fit in the labels. If I now select a new set of

>selection criteria which will result in a set with shorter labels, the


>will still be squashed into the previous graphing area. I have tried many

>things from rescaling, to resetting all data, etc, but nothing seems to


>Does anybody know of a solution?

By resetting all data, do you mean you are calling the charts ClearData(...)

method? Calling that with (CD_ALLDATA or CD_OTHER) should nuke pretty much

everything in the chart.

If that doesn't work for you, you could programatically set the BottomGap

member rather than using what the chart comes up with.

Hope that helps,

Ed Evans

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