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ChartWindow Creation & Moving

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Hello there,

I have a certain problem with creating and moving the chart window.

I have a program that creates a number of charts "on the fly" on a window. I

also want to resize and move those charts. But if I do so, something odd

happens. Whenever I click the chart which didn't had the focus it resets

itself to the original position and size.

Why is this happening??

I will attach a VC++ programm that clearly demonstrates this problem. I have

also attached the complete VC6 project as reference.

Please ignore the first window, and press the "Button2" on that window.

First please enter a valid license string in the upcoming window and press


The upcoming window has 4 buttons, "Chart1", "Chart2", "Move them" and "Ok".

Press "Chart1". A chart will appear on the screen (if you have supplied a

valid license string). Press "Chart2", and a second chart will appear on the

screen. Now press "Move them". You will see that the charts are moved to

different positions and slightly different sizes.

The odd thing is if you now click on the charts. You will see them moving

back to where they have been created. This is cleary NOT what I wanted.

Can somebody at SoftwareFX please comment on this bug.


Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks Ltd.

London / UK

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