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Re: ADO Error

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The latest version ( fixed this problem.


"SteveT" <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message



http://support.softwarefx.com/chartfx/ is the support site

Latest version shown on the site for Cfx4Data.dll is

ps: New version of Cfx4032.dll/ocx is available


Jeff Weger <jweger@vetronix.com> wrote in message


> Hi.

> I am using the latest version of ChartFX98,

> OS is Windows 2000 (SR1) , VB6 (SP4).


> When I upgraded CFX4032.OCX my program started having a strange problem.

> When I run the program in the VB IDE

> I get this ADO error: Run-time error (80010108), "Method 'DataSourceAdo'


> object 'IChartFX failed.

> When I continue the program after this error, the chart looks fine!


> Please note, that MS Grid control bound to the same object still works



> I called Microsoft tech support about this and they feel the problem is


> the third party control.


> Maybe when I updated the chart from your website I did not get the latest

> CFX4Data.DLL.

> Please tell me what the latest version of this file is. Where do I find


> version list on your website?


> Thanks, Jeff




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