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Thanks Steve but "This doesn't *exactly* answer my question" :-)

- I've used the GetImage method of ChartFX and the Paste method of


- I try also Export method of ChartFX and AddImage of PowerPoint

In this two situation I set ChartFX dimensions to the desidered final values

before inserting data. Then I fill Graph with data and export it throught

clipboard (Export or GetImage) or file (Export). When I add the image in

PowerPoint (with Paste or AddImage) it hasn't the correct size (too

small...). When I try to correct manually with resize, the metafile draws

wrong (distorced :-( ).

But if I use Paste Special, manually from PowerPoint, things are better...

Unfortunatly Paste Special is non reachable via programmatic command (COM


I read about placeable metafile and I think this is the correct way... So I

hope :)



SteveT <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message



This doesn't *exactly* answer your question.

I don't know the GetImage method of PowerPoint but I have used AddPicture.

oSlide.Shapes.AddPicture "FileNameHere", _

msoTrue, msoFalse, 31, 5, 346, 264

To place and size images into PowerPoint from files


Sebastiano Serri <serris@tin.it> wrote in message


> Hi, I've this problem:

> I build a graph in a VB ActiveX DLL and I want to paste it into a


> presentation using the GetImage Method. It works but image size is wrong

> even if I set it by code before the invocation of GetImage. I discover


> with the use of "Paste Special" command from PowerPoint it works better


> however it's not right. I read from reference that chartfx export not

> placeable metafiles... can I have information about this particular type


> metafile? How I can convert a metafile to a placeable one???


> Thanks

> Sebastiano


> Ansible Sas

> Milan - Italy



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