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X-Axis Date Labels

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I have a problem with X-Axis labels. I have not been able to get an answer

from chartfx98@softwarefx.com and it is such a common problem that I am

hoping may be some one out there can help me.

The problem is about controlling where the x-axis labels occur when the

x-axis is datetime rather than labels.

When x-axis is labels the the FirstLabel and STEP properties take integers

corresponding to number of datapoints.

But when x-axis is datetime I can't figure out how these should be set, to

control where the ticks occur on x-axis.

For instance how would one specify that major ticks should occur on the

first of each Month or Year?

This would mean distance between tick marks may not always be the same, e.g.

shorter for FEB.

However, I believe that is possible otherwise it would be a very serious

short coming.


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