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Re: Problems with setting chart types

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So far I had no success in getting the mixed graph (BAR LINES BAR LINES)

graphed correctly. You are right that BAR BAR LINES LINES works nice, but

unfortunately we rely on the order in which the series get drawn. Therfore

we need a BAR LINES BAR LINES chart.


"SteveT" <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message


Did you solve this?

I tried it and did see the same problem you wrote about. However it seems

that in multitype mode the object would like to have the series of the same

type next to each other. When I did this BAR,BAR,BAR,LINES,LINES worked


I'd also mention that after I put similar series next to eachother I could

subsequently put them in any order and it graphed fine. Curious.


Stephan Klaffer <stephan.klaffer@decisionworks.co.uk> wrote in message


> Hi there


> I have a bar chart which as 5 risers per series. I would like to set the

> last riser group to have a line style. Doing this through the dialogs


> fine. Now I want to set the second riser as well to a line, the previously

> set line completely disappears. Why??


> I have attached 3 screen shots, chart1.jpg displaying the original chart,

> chart2.jpg the chart after setting the last series to line style and

> chart3.jpg shows the result after setting the second series to a line.


> Thanks


> Stephan Klaffer

> DecisionWorks Ltd.

> London / UK






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