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Re: Scaling of axes

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I don't know how the object calculates the Max and Min, there have been other questions similar to yours.

I've decided the easiest path is to set the scale myself:

.Axis(AXIS_Y).Min = GetMin(rs) 'find/set Min of data with custom function

.Axis(AXIS_Y).Max = GetMax(rs) 'find/set Max of data


Stephan Klaffer <stephan.klaffer@decisionworks.co.uk> wrote in message news:C9wapFzeAHA.1704@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi there,


> I recently got a problem with axis scaling. The data I put into the chart

> are somehwere in range 1.001 to 1.3. For some reason, the chart does not

> scale properly, always having a range of 0 to 1. This ends up that the bars

> appear to be smaller than 1, which is basically wrong. Is this a know

> problem?


> Stephan Klaffer

> DecisionWorks, Ltd

> London, UK


> PS: I will try to find out more about it, or even providing a sample app

> that demonstrates the prob.





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