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More bugs?

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I am having another issue with the drawing of charts. If I create a chart

and make ALL of the points in my series hidden, the x-axis appears at the

top of the chart instead of at the bottom. In order, to get around this I

had to fill my chart with at least one point containing some data value

(even if it is 0.0). Why does this happen? The reason that I am using

CHART_HIDDEN for all my data points is that under certain cirumstances there

is no data to fill in but I still want to show an empty chart.

Another related issue is that sometimes I get Invalid Float Operation

crashes in IChartFX::CloseValues() when I do fill all values in the series

with 0.0. Unfortunately, this happens very sporadically and I do not have

the exception address on hand but I will be sure to post a full report when

it happens again.

I also would like know what the preferred way of getting help on ChartFX is.

So far, only SteveT has attempted to help me (and I am grateful to him for

that help). Is it possible to get statements on any of the issues that I

have reported from SoftwareFX themselves or is this newsgroups only used for

peer support now that SoftwareFX has gone to the paid support model?



Dustin Norman

Lead Software Engineer

Zoftech Inc. - Get Work Done


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