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Re: XY Plot with variable # of points

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Pad the shorter series with:

ChartFX.ValueEx(i, j) = CHART_HIDDEN

(the Public Const CHART_HIDDEN = 1E+308)


<Roger> wrote in message news:8D$KzoJYAHA.2916@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi all,


> I have a XY chart with n number of series, with each series having different

> number of points. I got the chart working, but for those series where the

> number of points are less than the max (based on all the series), the values

> beyond the actual values are taken as (0, 0) and the last point is joined by

> the (0,0). How do I avoid this ?


> Thanks for your time.


> Raj



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