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Re: Still having problems w/ labels and scaling

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in the beginning I wrote my code according to your sample called "Labels"

but it didn't work. Finally, I found the problem: as I used the chart for

several purposes the property 'LegendBox' was set to true even when I didn't

show the legend (in this case you see a small line on the right edge of the

chart). After setting this to false the method

chartfx1.axis(axis_x).labels(index)= string

worked and showed the desired labels along the x-axis.

Furthermore, in some cases your samples are somewhat old, e.g. the sample

called "Labels" still uses the method

chartfx1.axis(axis_x).legend(index) = string

so that someone new to chartfx first has to search what's the meaning.

In other cases the helpfile seems to be incomplete, e.g. only 6 of the

9 possible constants for the datatype property are explained in the


Although my chart is now looking like what I want I still can't understand

why the axis labels change when turning on and off the legendbox as

described before. Labels and legend should be independent from each other.

The same goes for scaling as described in my other posting.

I think it's difficult to send you a sample project as I can't send you

the database to produce the resultset. Maybe this problem only occurs with

resultsets as in case of arrays (see my other posting / mail) this problem

doesn't show up.


Justin Trask wrote:

> I can not be certain as to your problem since I do not know your code

> but we have not experienced problems with these features so it is

> unlikely to be a bug. Please check your code against the samples that

> we provide. There is one sample called "labels" that demonstrates how

> to assign your own labels. There is also another sample called "XY"

> that demonstrate how to pass X values. If you are still experiencing

> problems after reviewing these samples then please send me a small

> sample project that demonstrates the problem.


> Justin Trask

> Software FX

> Please reply to: cfxie@softwarefx.com


>> My resultset bound to cfx-control contains x-values from 0 to 23.

>> When the chart is displayed the x-axis labels range from 1 to 24.

>> When using LEGENDBOX = False then the chart is displayed with x-axis

>> labels ranging from 1 to 23.


>> In addition, I can't change the labels using the

>> cfx.axis(axis_x).label(index) method. No change will be visible.


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