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Cfx98: Need help with multi colour chart... (is it a bug?)

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I can observe some strange look of the data editor grid when

multiple colours chart is used. The colour boxes in the data grid

heading are displayed near to point labels. I would expected them

displayed near the series labels -- as in the other cases.

See the stored chart in the attached zip file.

Notice: Some of the "unlogical" colours in the example

vere set manually by dragging the color from palette.

Here is what I did to display the chart.


I have used the multiple colors chart with several series,

20 points, 3D, Z-clustered bars. One of the series has point

bars coloured by calculated RGB values. The other serie

point bars are assigned the colour from the palette -- the

serie index is used to choose the palette color.

It is my first experience with the multiple colors chart.

Is the following approach correct?

1. I am setting the multiple colors property.


2. If I understood well, it is necessary to open data channel

with COD_COLORS and pass the number of colors that will be used

(i.e. the number of points, bars). The cannel is then closed


m_spChart->OpenDataEx(ChartfxLib::COD_COLORS, nSeries * iNumPoints, 0);


3. I have opended the data channel for the data and filled the

values together with setting the bar colour. Then the data channel

was closed.

m_spChart->OpenDataEx(ChartfxLib::COD_VALUES, nSeries, iNumPoints);

... in the loop for each of series and for each point...


... set the value of the point...

// Set the colour of the point.


int ColorIndex = nSerieIndex + nSeries * iPointIndex;

COLORREF Color = RGB(255, 128, 0); // init

switch (nSerieIndex)


case 0:

m_spChart->PutColor(ColorIndex, ...calculated RGB...);



// The others use the palette color for the serie.

Color = ChartfxLib::CHART_PALETTECOLOR | nSerieIndex;

m_spChart->PutColor(ColorIndex, Color);




I am using MSVC++6, WindowsNT, Cfx4032.dll version

Thanks for your comments,



Petr Prikryl, SKIL s.r.o., e-mail: prikrylp at skil dot cz

Please, don't reply via e-mail.

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