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Re: Problems labelling and scaling x- and y-axes

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SteveT wrote:


> Bernd,


> I'd be happy to look further, would you send me a csv file with your values.


> Steve




thanks a lot for your offer to help.

Attached please find the csv-file.

Col1: x-values

Col2: y-values

Col3: percentage (not used in chart, only in TipMask)

Col4: sum of y-values (not used in chart, only in TipMask)

Here the complete code used for the creation of the chart.

MyRs contains the data of the csv-file.

Private Function InitChart(MyRs As ADOR.Recordset) As Boolean

Dim CfxData As New CfxDataAdo

CfxData.ResultSet = MyRs

With cfx

.Gallery = BAR

.Chart3D = True

.Title(CHART_TOPTIT) = "Ereignissaufkommen (

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