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Re: Problems labelling and scaling x- and y-axes

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I'd be happy to look further, would you send me a csv file with your values.


"Bernd Hoffmann" <Bernd.Hoffmann@insocam.de> wrote in message


> SteveT wrote:

> >

> > Bernd,

> >

> > I have expanded the axis to view the last label:

> > ChartFX.Axis(Axis_X).Max = ChartName.Axis(Axis_X).Max * 1.1

> >

> > also have used the ShowEnds:

> > ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_Y).Style = ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_Y).Style Or AS_SHOWENDS

> >


> all this doesn't work. I suggest the problem is that my x-values range


> 0 to 23 in the resultset. Also, if I use the AS_SHOWENDS then the last


> (24) is shown but the first (0) disappears.


> > Turn on your MinorStep as well as MinorTickMark:

> > ChartFX.Axis(AXIS_Y).MinorStep = 1

> > ChartFX.Axis(AXIS_Y).MinorTickMark = TS_INSIDE

> >


> I tried everything, it doesn't work. I can't format, label and set ticks


> the y-axis.


> Even for the x-axis custom labelling doesn't work.

> Nothing happens if I use Chart.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(0) = "xxx" and so on for

> all ticks.


> Maybe there are some bugs in the trial version? Or does this feature


> on the type of chart you use? In some cases the online help doesn't seem


> be very detailed.



> Bernd

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