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Will all Financial Extension for VS .NET 2005 features work w/ Real-Time .NET Chart API? How about w/ the normal API?

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I have created a real-time Chart FX stock charting application using the

normal chart FX API and normal .NET events, not the ChartFX Real-Time API.

I am considering converting the entire charting application to the ChartFX

Real-Time API to increase chart performance, but have a very, very important


I plan on integrating the ChartFX Financial Extension for VS .NET 2005 into

my application as soon as it is available for purchase. I am very excited

about using all the financial extension's features to the max, but am very

concerned that if I convert my charting application to use the ChartFX

Real-Time API that I won't be able to use the Financial Extension.

1. Will the Financial Module's features all work with charts using the

Real-Time API?

2. I want to give my users real-time technical analysis by displaying both

the Chart FX canned line studies and my own custom line studies in real-time

superimposed on both line charts and Open-High-Low-Close charts, and I want

to display multiple line studies on the same chart. As I receive new data,

I want to both add and update the right-most side of the stock market data

as well as add / update the right-most side of the line studies.

Can I do all these things with a charting application that uses the

Real-Time API?

For that matter, can I do all these things with a cahrting application that

uses the normal (non-real-time) Chart FX API, or will all the features ONLY

work with databinding?

Thank you very much in advance,

Brook Hunter

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