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Hi all,

Ok, I'll admit it, I've been in my registry (again) adjusting colors.

The palettes have 49 colors. Yet if you create a sample bar chart of 49 series, only the first 16 colors are used and the same colors repeat every 16 series. Is this the expected behavior? I would have expected each of the palette colors to be used from 1 to 49, in order.

I've been using the ChartFx 3.0 palette for chart colors and always through code. When I use the user interface and select the ChartFx 3.0 palette I get the 'bright' colors in the chart but the colors of the palette bar are in a completely different order vs the 'Default' palette which are shown in the palette bar in the same order as listed the registry (and it seems all other palettes follow this order).

Is this a ChartFx issue or a Windows issue?




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