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Heh, you make it sound so easy Steve that I just have no desire to go do

it...I used the pie chart way, and stuff an array with colors...easy..just a

little overhead..and it works fine.

"SteveT" <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message


I did know, didn't write it down.

If you "just haf'ta know" I suppose I can spend a bit of time this weekend

to "rediscover".

I seem to recall looking at all the palette entries and noticing the same

"header bits", then adjusted the next three entries to Red (which I recall

was ff,00,00) and made a graph.

While we're at it, a suggestion, export the branch to disk, make a working

copy and fiddle with it in notepad, upload, fiddle, upload, etc. When

you're done or give up, reload the "good" .reg file.

At the time I was on my way to define a custom color palette. Got



Abram Krebs <duckwood@gamry.com> wrote in message


> Thanks for the pie chart idea. It may work.


> If not, do you or anyone else know the format in the registry of the

> palettes? The actual colors do not start at the very top..there appears


> be some sort of a header in there as they all match to a certain extent...


> Thanks,

> Abe


> "SteveT" <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message

> news:$dJUjvhOAHA.1460@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> I can tell you the palettes are stored in the registry:


> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Software FX, Inc.\Chart FX\Palettes]


> They are stored in Hex numbers that's a bit daunting (but not impossible)


> decode. Basicly RGB(R,G,B) values stored in hex format.


> Lots easier to create a pie chart with 49 sections and for each palette


> through the points and save off the color value in a Color Table



> Do this with a Pie chart (example in VBA, adjust for your



> For i = 0 To nPoints - 1

> Debug.Print ChartFX1.Color(i)

> Next



> First 4 points of various Palettes:



> "ChartFX 3.0"

> 65280 (Green)

> 16711680 (Blue)

> 255 (Red)

> 16711935 (Violet)


> "Nature"

> 12638144

> 11593903

> 10535071

> 9429135


> "Electric Fire"

> 3129599

> 3117296

> 48127

> 1089520



> Steve


> Abram Krebs <duckwood@gamry.com> wrote in message

> news:#6C1s3fOAHA.1460@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> > Hello,

> >

> > I maintain a collection of series in my program which basically mimics


> > ChartFX series. The big difference however, is that I allow the user to

> > hide a series... when I do this, I wipe all the data in the chart and


> > back only the pertinent data. Is there a way I can control the colors


> > make them the same. In other words, if I add two series, and the first


> > green and the second is blue..when I hide the first one, the second one

> > turns green...

> >

> > I want to keep track of the colors...so what I need is information as to

> > what the Nth color in the palette would be...how can I get this

> > information?

> >

> > Cheers,

> > Abe Krebs

> >

> >




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