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Re: Divide by zero

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I'm using the latest service pack (18).

The sequence of actions (in our app) is:

1. create chart control (no window yet)

2. load the file (Import)

3. create and show chart window

At step 3, the application causes Divide by Zero exception.

Here's the call stack (Win2K SP1):

CFX4032! 035ca870()

SFXBAR! 03634760()

SFXBAR! 03637a07()

SFXBAR! 03637a46()

SFXBAR! 03637ae6()

SFXBAR! 03634f5a()

SFXBAR! 03632132()

SFXBAR! 03631c8f()

CFX4032! 035f9060()

CFX4032! 035fa2af()

USER32! UserCallWinProc@20 + 24 bytes

USER32! DispatchClientMessage@20 + 47 bytes

USER32! __fnDWORD@4 + 34 bytes

NTDLL! KiUserCallbackDispatcher@12 + 19 bytes

CFX4032! 035fa1a4()

USER32! CreateWindowExA@48 + 46 bytes

CFX4032! 035c0374()

CFX4032! 035c004b()

IChartFX::CreateWnd(long 0x00020912, short 0x0064, long 0xfffffffe, long

0xfffffffe, long 0x000001cd, long 0x000001a4, long 0x50000000) line 1517 +

44 bytes


"Francisco Padron" <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Make sure you are using the latest SP. I can read both these files just

> fine.


> --


> Frank



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