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Re: Weird horizontal lines

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Hrm.  It loaded fine in my app, but I did get a crash when I tried loading

it into one of the dialogs in the MFC sample app. Looking in my own apps

code, I'm not doing anything at all to initialize my chart other than

creating an instance of it. I'm using the DLL implementation and also

loading the CHD via the toolbar, if that makes a difference (it shouldn't).

I've attached a bitmap of what the CHD looks like loaded.

SteveT wrote in message <5O5QHSSNAHA.2224@sfxserver.softwarefx.com>...

Ed, Doesn't seem to be a valid chd file.


Edward Evans <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


> The attached chart has a couple weird horizonal lines trailing back to the

> left side of the chart. When I view the data values in the chart, I don't

> see any odd numbers. Why do those horizontal lines appear?


> Thanks,


> Ed Evans

> eevans@pacsim.com





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