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Re: Divide by zero

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Zero.chd locks me up but zero2.chd seems ok.


(using Access 2k)

Serge S. Spiridonoff <sss@corbina.net> wrote in message news:1hUSW9JNAHA.1428@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi!


> Users of our application perodically (but quite rarely) get a divide by zero

> error when loading previously saved charts. They can't explain how they

> produced those charts, they only send us those "bad" chart files.


> As our application saves charts inside its own documents I have extracted a

> couple of .chd files from the "bad" documents (by searching for __CHARTFX4__

> signature). They are attached.


> I tried loading them in MFC sample, it doesn't throw a divide by zero

> exception, but the loaded charts are obviously "strange". Our application

> uses ChartFX DLL.


> Thanks in advance,

> Serge





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