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Annotation Object questions

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Two questions on Annotation objects.

It seems to use the SizeToFit, I must first assign an arbitrary height and width to the object.

Does this make sense?

Second, I'd love to be able to set the background of the Annotation text object to Transparent to 'protect' the PointMarker.




sample code from inside a loop:

'add text object to AnnotX and set options

Set objText = AnnotX.Add(OBJECT_TYPE_TEXT)

'set objText equal to Legend

objText.Text = rsData.Fields(3).Value

objText.Color = vbBlack

objText.Font.Size = 9

objText.BkColor = RGB(215, 255, 215)

'Give it height and width, then SizeToFit

objText.Width = 10

objText.Height = 10

objText.SizeToFit 'can't see objects unless a initial size given.

objText.Attach ATTACH_CENTER, CStr(.XValueEx(j, 0)) & "," & CStr(.ValueEx(j, 0) + 0.05) '.05 fudge factor so not to paint over Point Marker.

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