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Missing methods in MS Access

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Hi, I've added ChartFX 98 to an Access report and run the example code from

a SoftwareFX page:

Dim MyDB As Database, MyTable As Recordset

Dim j, i As Integer

Set MyDB = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).Databases(0)

Set MyTable = MyDB.OpenRecordset("SELECT DISTINCTROW Graph.* FROM

GrapfTable", DB_OPEN_SNAPSHOT) ' Open table.

ChartFX1.Visible = False


MyTable.MoveFirst ' Locate first record.

j = 0

Do Until MyTable.EOF ' Begin loop.

For i = 0 To 1 ' 2 Numeric Fields to pot

If Not IsNull(MyTable.Fields(i).Value) Then

ChartFX1.ValueEx(i, j) = MyTable.Fields(i).Value


ChartFX1.ValueEx(i, j) = CHART_HIDDEN

End If

Next i

' X-Axis labels

ChartFX1.Legend(j) = MyTable.Fields(2).Value

MyTable.MoveNext ' Locate next record.

j = j + 1

Loop ' End of loop.

MyTable.Close ' Close table.

Chart1.CloseData COD_VALUES

MS Access gives me a "Method does not exist" message on the OpenDataEx and

ValueX methods.

What can be the problem?

Per Skjondal


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