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Questions about Annotation objects

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Supppose I put a text or balloon annotation object on the chart. By default

its text is a string "Text".

If I click inside the annotation object the Chart FX displays an edit box

that allows me to change the object's text in-place.

When I change the text via that edit box (say to "New text") the changes are

not reflected in the object's Text property until I click outside the

object's box.

That is,

IAnnText pObject;

pObject = ...

pObject->Text returns "Text" not "New text"

So the questions.

1) How to programmatically get the displayed object's text? Or how to tell

the chart to simulate a click outside the active annotation object and thus

synchronize Text propery with the displayed text?

2) While the annotation object is being in-place edited and I

programmatically change its Text property the changes are not reflected in

the edit box. How to achive this?

3) Is any way to get a HWND of that edit box?

Thanks in advance,


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