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URGENT: "Divide by zero" resizing 2D charts

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Hi again! 

We have run into another serious issue, and I'm hoping you have a

work-around, or better yet, maybe I'm just doing something wrong - the

latter is doubtful since I can repro this in a very simple sandbox, which I

have attached:


reproduced with ChartFX 98 &, Delphi 5

1. Create a 2D Line chart (this can be repro'ed with any chart type, but the

chart must be 2D).

2. Align the chart as alClient to the form.

3. Load data.

4. Slowly resize the form from the bottom vertically, in 1 inch increments

(resize then release, then resume resizing), until the chart area is no

longer displayable.

5. The .ocx will throw a "divide by zero" error .


Thank you in advance,


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