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Re: Cfx98: Bug in the localization support?

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Hello Petr, 

I have that same problem...

I hope the guys from CFX can solve it.

Maurice Wasbauer

"Petr Prikryl"

<Answer.via.news.please.prikrylp@nospam.skil.nospam.cz.nospam> wrote in

message news:DE0379D14694D211B4CE00609770710D057EDD@sftfx-221.wamnet.net...

> Hi,


> I did localize the Chart FX 98 for the Czech language.

> When I press the right mouse button on the graph area,

> pop-up menu appears with correct Czech strings.

> However, when I select the last (default) item

> "Properties..." ("Vlastnosti..." in Czech), then the

> window title of the displayed dialog still contains

> the English word "Properties", which cannot be found

> in my RC file. On the other hand, the RC file contains

> strings for symbols IDS_DOCSTRINGXxxxxYyyy which seems

> to be created for the above mentioned purpose, but

> which are not used for that.


> Thanks,

> Petr


> P.S. I understand that it is difficult to debug such

> things in English, where everything seems to be OK.


> --

> Petr Prikryl, SKIL s.r.o., e-mail: prikrylp at skil dot cz

> Please, don't reply via e-mail.



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