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Problem loading Titles from Chart FX 3.0

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I am loading charts created by Chart FX 3.0 in version 4.0.

If the 3.0 chart had titles, they load Ok in 4.0.

However, if there were no titles on the 3.0 chart, the garbage is displayed

in 4.0.

It is visible in the chart window, also the following code shows that,

TCHAR szTitle[256];

LPTSTR lpszTitle = szTitle;

szTitle[0] = 0;

if (m_pChartFX->get_Title(CHART_TOPTIT, &lpszTitle) == S_OK)


here szTitle contains garbage.

I load 3.0 charts with the following code,

int nType = CHART_CFXFILE;

int nMask = FMASK_ALL;

m_pChartFX->FileMask = CfxFileMask(nMask);

m_pChartFX->Import((CfxExport)nType, (LONG)pFile->m_hFile);

The chart were saved with the following code,


chart_Send(m_hWnd, CM_EXPORT, nType, (LONG)pFile->m_hFile);

Is there anything I miss?


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