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Some questions about design mode capabilities, and a bug with "data tip" feature>>

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Hello again Francisco/Justin, 

Using Chart FX Active X component in VB 6.0.

Is there any way to assign colors to the various font sets on the

chart during design mode? I'm desining charts with dark backgrounds

and light fonts so I have to constantly assign font colors for all the

various fonts during runtime mode, then save them to a CFX file,

then restore them later, then comment out the code which sets the

colors. It would be convenient to be able to do this during design


Next topic: Is there any way to associate a series with the secondary

Y axis during design mode? This isn't a huge problem to do at

runtime but I thought I'd ask anyways.

Lastly, I beleive there is a bug with the "data tip" feature when

a chart with a secondary Y axis is being displayed (XY scatter

plot). See the included screen shot JPEG. It looks like the value

shown in the preview is exactly half of what the actual value should

be. This example shows a value of "1.35" in the data tip

for the fifth member of the third series (blue boxes), yet the data

editor shows the (correct) value of 2.70 for this same point.

Again TIA for any help,


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