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Re: ChartFX 98, Foreign Languages

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Hi Maurice 

How did you handle the help for Dutch language? As I know you can not change

the help file name.

In the application that we are working, it has 5 different languages that

user can change "on the fly". We can load the correct language dll for

ChartFx 98 using the "localization" function provided by ChartFX 98, but

when the user press the help button, ChartFX 98 will call the file

chartfx98_gui.hlp and it is not possible to change that name to have

different names for different languages.



Siemens Information and Communications Networks

test wrote:

> Hello David,


> What language are you targetting at?

> I have a cfx98 and a FE localization DLL for the Dutch language.

> Do you have another language available? Maybe we can exchange something.


> Regards,


> Maurice Wasbauer

> <m.wasbauer@mcse-nl.demon.nl>

> The Netherlands


> David A. Peters wrote:


> > Is ChartFX 98 available in any languages other than English? What is

> > the best way to support foreign markets with ChartFX 98? What are

> > others doing?

> > Thank you!

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