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Re: Strange problems related to X axis labels and tick marks

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Just a follow-up here, Francisco 

I have found a solution to my problems. The culprit was the CT_EVENSPACING

flag which was turned on for the real time chart. When I attempted to re-scale

the X axis with this flag set, all sorts of antisocial behavior occured with

Chart FX....missing labels, inconsistent scaling, a right hand gap that would

mysteriously change sizes. With this flag turned off everything works

correctly. It seems this flag is only meant for real time scrolling charts.

I appreciate your suggestions, though. They gave me some things to look at


eventually pointed me in the right direction,


Francisco Padron wrote:

> Could it be that the X-Axis step is being automatic ? if this is the case,

> chart FX will skip some labels depending on the available space and the

> number of labels to display. You can have a fixed STEP (set to 1 for

> instance) to prevent this but sometimes the labels will just not fit.


> I probably did not understand correctly, if this is the case, please send me

> a picture of the chart along with a CHD file so that I ca see it here.


> --

> Frank


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