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SetScrollView and X-axis

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I have attached several gifs to demonstrate the problems (.chd file is also 


Original.gif displays the chart without problems

The chart has 10 points (bars)

X-axis properties are: Major and minor units set to Auto (0), Show gridlines

= False

Then, I call SetScrollView(1, 4) to display 4 first points.

Look at the Prob1.gif - the X-axis is wrong. While there are 4 labels (which

is correct) there are 17 tick marks.

How can I fix it?

Then, I scroll the chart to the left (by clicking the horizontal scrollbar's

right small arrow several times).

Some bars begin to overlap with each other.

That's Prob2.gif.

And if I turn the major gridlines on (via Chart Properties dialog) for the

chart Prob1, I get Prob3.gif.

The 4th bar is not drawn.

Consequent calls to SetScrollView with different arguments (like (1, 3) or

(1,5)) doesn't solve the above problems.

Only setting PixPerUnit to 0 restores the chart to its correct display


I've just found that setting the Decimal Places property to 0 solves the

above problems (it was 2).

It seems to me very strange that Decimals property affect scrolling.

Another problem.

The chart has 10 points, I set 4 points per page (view).

When I scroll the chart by pages it displays:

page 1 - points 1,2,3,4

page 2 - points 5,6,7,8

page 3 - points 7,8,9,10 - Why not just 9, 10?

If I would print by page I end up with the 3rd page duplicating more of the

2nd page.

Is it possible to print only points 9 and 10 on the last page?


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