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Blank CHART_Title not blank?

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Referring back to my old post (included at the bottom of this message) 

I have tried what you are suggesting and it did not help. So I went back to

version 15.

I have now updated my version to 17 and the problem still seems to be there.

To recreate problem please try the following.

In Delphi 4 on blank Form1 place your ActiveX TChartFX object.Do next, next


On formshow put chartfx1.title[CHART_BOTTOMTIT]:=''; (this works with

top, left right & bottom title.)

Now run the project1.exe & you should see the title go funny.

For now I'll go back to version 15 which works just fine.

P.S. Any progress with Word2000/OLE problem?




Every place in the code where I have ChartFX1.Title[CHART_BOTTOMTIT] := ''

sets the Chart Title to something like

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