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Re: Scatter charts and X-axis legends and more...

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I must apologize for my first post but I was really upset. Sorry.

> 1) If you only open the VC++ samples installed with the software, you will

> find the following code in the GetAxisLabel event:


> m_pChartFX->HText = "Custom " + m_pChartFX->HText;

> *nRes = 1;


> Notice the *nRes = 1. This is the line you are missing.

I looked at those samples. However they are for .ocx, not for .dll.

I don't have a chance to set 'nRes' since there's no such parameter:

STDMETHODIMP CChartWnd::XCfxEvents::Fire_GetAxisLabel(int nAxis)



CString strLabel;


pThis->m_pChartFX->HText = (LPTSTR)(LPCTSTR)strLabel;

return S_OK;


Anyway, as I understand, setting 'nRes' to 1 instructs ChartFX than I have

changed hText and it should display that changed value. In my case, the

value I assign to hText is displayed (so nRes is set to 1 somewhere) but it

is displayed _incorrectly_.

When strLabel becomes "9.06.2000 12:00" the chart displays "9.06.20". If I

right-click the x-axis, select Properties, then Scale and set "Decimal

places" to 3 and click Apply then the label changes to "9.06.200", etc.

Why ChartFX interprets text string as a decimal number (and interprets it

incorrectly as it have two decimal points and thus is not a number)?

("Format" field on the Scale tab is set to None).

If I set "Decimal places" field to 1000 (in Properties dialog, not

programmatically) an application error occurs.

> 2) SiteToFit alleged bug. This is not useful at all, if you want us to


> you determine the cause of it, you need to provide us with details on how


> reproduce this problem.

What details do you need?

The following code often (but not always) produces Divide by zero


if the LegendBox is not visible or if I do

m_pChartFX->LegendBox = AFX_OLE_FALSE;

before SizeToFit

So I must write

if (m_pChartFX->LegendBox == AFX_OLE_TRUE)


It's not a problem but I prefer that library makes necessary checks

internally to prevent crashes.

> 3) Where did you posted this message ? I looked here and there in no


> from you about clipping. Do you have the latest Service Pack ? can you

> describe the problem in a more constructive way?

One of my old posts was "Problems with SetScrollView / GetScrollView" (sent

April 11) with attached picture.

I attach several gifs again to demonstrate the clipping problem.

The data plotted is attached in the clip.txt file (Column 'Real' is Y,

columns 'Int' and 'Date' were used as X).

What more do you need to reproduce the bugs?

The "About ChartFX 98" utility reports the following versions:

sfxbar.dll -


> 4) Q: Who invented ... A: As a user of the DLL, you are considered an


> user looking for efficiency (we explain you the differences between DLL


> OCX in article Q1381006. This is the most efficient way to do it in

> compliance with COM. We also tell you what you needed to do, so what's


> complaint about ? We gave you the code that works in our support site !

I don't have permanent Internet access so can't offen look at your KB and

the help files misses this info.

Trying to find out the correct way manually took a long time.

The wrappers generated by VC++'s #import are _wrong_ because it didn't know

about your "optimizations".

LPSTR IChartFX::GetHText ( ) {

LPSTR _result; // NOT initialized

HRESULT _hr = get_HText(&_result);

if (FAILED(_hr)) _com_issue_errorex(_hr, this, __uuidof(this));

return _result;


I am sure you have to put such an important information into Help files and

not just on your Web site. Many people don't have instant internet access.

Also, the help files are too VB-oriented.

5) GetTip event is not fired when I double click a point on the chart so a

baloon tooltip is displayed without my customizations. Why?

6) It is rather hard to edit left, bottom and especially right titles

"in-place", i.e. by right-clicking and selecting Edit title menu. Usually

the top title gets edited. There was a separate Titles dialog in previous

ChartFX. Users of our applications complain that it is now very difficult to

type in all the titles at once.

Also when a title is edited "in-place" Enter key starts a new line but the

edit window's height is not increased, it is confusing.


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