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Setting the gallery type before the chart is created.

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(Using VC++, DLL, Build 16) 

I'm trying to let my users set up the chart before it is create by using the

ShowDialog method to create the properties dialog. (So all I have done is

created the chart and then immediately opened this dialog... I have not set

the number of series.)

Using this dialog, whenever I attempt to change the gallery type and hit

"Apply", the dialog beeps at me and reverts back to the default bar chart,

though other modified properties seem to persist. In fact, whenever I tab on

or off the Series tab, it beeps at me regardless of whether I have changed

anything or not!

I've noticed I can get around it by using OpenDataEx to set the number of

series to a positive integer, but this will be misleading for my users as

they can't really figure out the number of series until the chart is

generated. (I've had to set it to 99 series for now.)

How can I set it up so my user can just change the gallery type from this



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