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Scatter charts and X-axis legends and more...

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I have many problems with ChartFX...

Chart DLL, v.

VC++ 6

Trying to create scatter chart with date/time values on the x-axis.

X-axis values are passed to the chart as double values (date/time values as

in OLE variant).

GetAxisLabel event is handled to convert double values to date/time strings.

Then hText property is set (e.g. to "9.06.2000 12:00")

Chart displays "9.06.20" instead !!!

I found that this depends on _Decimals_ property, so if I set it to 3, the

chart will display "9.00.200" ?!

Don't you think this is stupid???

BTW, if I set decimals to a large number, say 1000, chart dll crashes,


Where did you find such low-qualified programmers??

Another bug, SizeToFit periodically causes Divide by zero crash if the

legend box is not visible.

Many chart types still doesn't clip correctly (e.g. Curve and Area-curve

charts, even Bar charts!!!). I posted this bug more than 3 months ago but

it's still not fixed.

Who invented that stupid way to get string properties?

char szBuffer[256];

LPSTR lpsz = szBuffer;


instead of simple

LPSTR lpsz = m_pChartFX->HText;

which overwrites the application stack...

I am very disappointed with ChartFX 98.

I spent more than 80% of my work time investigating and avoiding chart bugs.


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